Sunday, February 19, 2012

Invasion of the Mothers-In-Law II

These photos are long over due! It was January 2011 when Mike's mum and my mum came to Australia to stay with us and see how we live. First they visited the mine, mid-summer, and toured around underground. They loved everything about being underground... the rediculous orange overalls, the dirt, the miners and their loud machines, (they even operated a few machines themselves). Afterwards, Mike showed them his geology modeling software. Their eyes glazed over and I could swear they almost fell asleep while standing up. (To be fair, maybe I was projecting my own feelings towards modeling software onto them.) To perk them up, we put a gold bar in their hands. Always does the trick. After leaving the mine, the mums stayed with us in our home. In between hiking, beach swimming, site seeing, and touring, we put them to work cooking and tending the vegetable garden. I still don't understand why they were ready to leave after just a few weeks?